The Drybar: It’s Hair to Stay

Drybar at Santana Row
Alli Webb, Founder of Drybar

Alli Webb, Founder of Drybar

Whether you are a hard working mom, businesswoman or student, the chance to have an hour to yourself is priceless. The common saying “enjoy the little things” is manifested at Drybar, a salon founded by Alli Webb specializing only in hair blowouts. Mainly based in the L.A., Sac Fashion Week had a rare opportunity to sit down with this remarkable woman and have a brief chat about her role as both a modern businesswoman and happy mother of two.

From the beginning, family has played an important role at Drybar. The inspiration for her venture came from Alli’s experiences as a mother who had left a full-time job as a stylist for high-profile clients. She noted, “As a mother I just missed being out there and thought I was losing brain cells. I frequented parks so often I was overdosing on them. When I first began the Drybar, it was very mommy centered and I styled all my mommy friends.” Despite returning to the workforce and founding a business, Alli still makes sure to invest herself in her children’s lives. “I have to be in San Francisco for a couple of meetings for a week while at the same time the kids are out of school for summer,” Alli confided. “So I am taking my mom and kids. The kids will get to go to day camp in San Francisco, and it’s nice to be able to do those kinds of things. We are trying to expose them to new cultures. Even though it’s so much coordinating it’ll be fun to do that with them.”

Even with all the stress of balancing family and work, Drybar continues to see explosive growth. Starting as an at-home referral-based service in 2008, the Drybar in Santana Row marks the sixteenth location for the chain, and there’s no intention of stopping. By the end of year there is projected to be around twenty-five branches, and Alli has planned out expansions to an additional fifty locations by the end of 2013. Going into specifics about how Drybar is growing, Alli explained, “We are really following where the demand is. We are going into DC in a couple of months because we have gotten so many requested there more than anywhere else!” Alli also did mention that Sacramento is a possibility as they have gotten requests from the capital city as well!

Having talked about weighty matters such as family and work, one more important question remained: What does Alli get off the “menu” when she has her own hair blown out? An experimenter at heart, Alli always gets a fusion of the “messy and bleachy” Mai Tai with the more loose-curls based Cosmopolitan. This creativity when sitting in the salon chair is to be expected from someone who had the vision and drive to make her business dreams a reality. At the same time, she remains focused on the basics, noting that at the Drybar, “the blowouts have to be fantastic, but the customer service has to be better”. With such attention to detail, her customers, and her family, it appears there will be no stopping the talented Ms. Webb.

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