SACFW 2013 Model Casting Call

Photo by Igor Kondrya Photography

Photo by Igor Kondrya

It’s that time of year again for all you aspiring models. Sacramento Fashion Week is holding two casting calls in mid-January for our 2013 showcase.  Below are the relevant details.

Dates, Times, and Places

January 12th at IADT  from 12-2:30
January 13th at Capsity Offices from 12-3

*While IADT has a parking lot, Capsity does not. Arrive early to find parking.


What to Bring

To participate in the casting call, you MUST bring the following items to the casting event:

• Everyone: Two comp cards or two copies of a photo with your contact info and measurements.
• Females: a pair of walking heels
• Males: dress shoes, shorts and/or bathing suit.



• Expected Age: 16-28
• Minimum Height: 5’10’’ (Males) / 5’7’’ (Females)
• Expected Dress Size Range (Females): 0-6
• Minimum BMI: 18.5 (see notes below)
• All models must be healthy, in good physical shape, have clear (unblemished ) skin, straight white teeth, no obvious scars, no tan lines, no excessive piercing or tattoos


Notes on BMI

Following the government position on healthy weight range, we will be instituting a hard minimum Body Mass Index (BMI) of 18.5 for our models. Rather than simply being an additional measure of weight, the BMI is your weight relative to your height and provides a reasonable estimate of your total body fat. BMI is a helpful standard in determining when one’s weight translates into a health risk.

Please consult the resources available at the provided Health and Human Services website for a BMI calculator and additional information about the measurement. As an example, a model who is 5’7’’ will need to weigh at least 118 pounds to achieve the minimum BMI of 18.5, while a 5’10’’ model will need to weigh 129 pounds. We will take weight and height at the casting call using the guidelines posted above to determine BMI. Note that we also reserve the right to retest in the lead-up to the Fashion Week events.


Good luck, and we hope to see you there!

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