A Grand Photo Shoot

SACFW Poster

Before the flashing lights and glamour hit the runway, ever year SAC Fashion Week sets the tone with a promotional campaign. The campaign features one or two new faces that represent the SACFW brand in all the promotional material you see and touch. From the website to the poster, the imagery you see is all made possible by a team of some of the best talent around.

“I’ve always tried to avoid using any type of stock imagery. A lot of people don’t realize it but what you see on our promo materials is created and developed by talent right here in this area. It’s been a personal goal of mine to promote and develop new upcoming talent as well as work with creatives that bring a new level of expertise and continue to elevate the quality and presence of the SACFW brand. I want people to see the model from the poster walking on our runway and/or shopping one of our local boutiques. It personalizes the experience for the audience by bringing an element of ‘home’ into SAC Fashion Week.” – Will Rodriguez, SACFW Creative Director

This year, the team was composed of fashion photographer Ryuuzaki Julio & Taelin, model Bethany Pifer, fashion stylist Karri Grant, hair stylist Missy O’Daniel (Allure Salon & Spa), makeup artist Beela Shaikh and creative direction by Will Rodriguez. Additional production support by SACFW executive director Duane Ram, event videographer Pavel Pschichenko, event photographer Igor Kondrya and SACFW production interns Katharine Beveridge and Bianca Webb. The photo shoot took place at the luxurious Grand Island Mansion in Walnut Grove.

SACFW Photo Shoot Production

Left to right: Igor Kondrya, Pavel Pschichenko, Missy O’Daniel, Karri Grant, Duane Ram, Will Rodriguez, Ryuuzaki Julio, Taelin, Beela Shaikh

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