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What if I told you about a collection that infuses secretary-like structure with girlish whimsy? Would you also believe me if I told you that some of the collection’s most notable colors are mustard and teal? You might think I was a little loopy. Or, you may have seen Carven’s Pre-Fall 2012 collection, where designer Guillaume Henry so expertly pulled together all four of these aspects among several others.

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Before we jump into a swoon-fest over all the opulent materials, let’s back up a little. Established by Carmen de Tommaso in Paris during the middle of the 20th Century, Carven has always been known for simplicity and an interesting use of proportion. The brand has a global reputation for high-quality garments as well as inventive designs. Interesting, right? When first established, Carven only made haute couture. As of 2010, Carven has preserved the spirit of couture but now makes ready-to-wear –which I am more than ready to wear. For more history of vintage Carven tip toe your way to Vintage Fashion Guild.

Zooming to the present, feel free to go ahead and take a look through Vogue’s slide-show of the Pre-Fall collection. Each and every piece is less than amazing. The whole collection has diverse yet cohesive color combinations including different shades of white, yellows and blues and blacks. And while the colors of the collection not gloomy like winter can sometimes be, the textures and materials are a reminder that they are mainly meant to be worn during the chilly winter.

It is apparent that though staple pieces such as a pea-coat (shown above) that Carven is truly now ready to wear. However, through exquisite details such as the more abstracted collar is evidence that they still have retained a hint of couture. To me this sounds like the perfect recipe for a perfect piece. I can’t think of anything better to wear while walking around town next Fall. Nothing could be more picturesque than wearing this mustard coat over a sweater dress with some chunky heels. Or perhaps for a more casual look with some dark skinny jeans and simple flats. Though, be warned: as much as you try to dress down a powerhouse label like Carven, it’s still going to exude delicacy. At the end of next summer, when I start looking for autumnal accouterments, you know where I’ll be looking to for inspiration.

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