Ryan Douglas

ryanRyan Hammonds initiated R. Douglas Custom Clothier in 2003 with a passion to reintroduce the concept of custom tailoring. The success of R. Douglas stems from his vision to offer exceptional hand-tailored garments at very affordable pricing.  In fact, many clients have observed that R. Douglas garments are priced competitively with local department stores.

With a background in fashion design, Ryan serves as an image specialist and incorporates beneficial design elements in his garments.  His team of elite tailors offer 30 years tailoring experience to deliver handmade garments with superior quality and workmanship. A refined and highly effective manufacturing process allows garments to be delivered in a timely manner. R. Douglas currently services Northern California and boasts of a distinguished clientele including local and state government officials, attorneys, finance professionals, business owners, and ministers.

Expect his 2015 collection to have an updated look to the R. Douglas brand. Tailored business casual, evening fashion, and formalwear. Various textures and cloth compositions will be used, styled and accessorized appropriately for the successful professional while at work, or out at night. Ryan Hammonds designs for all types of occasions for both women and men.