Our Crew

Now in its 8th year of production, Sacramento Fashion Week has consistently worked to recruit some of the area’s best talent to collaborate on the production of this event. We work closely with local area colleges to provide real world opportunities for students seeking a career in fashion design, merchandising, public relations, creative design, photography, videography, event coordination, staging and lighting, modeling, advertising, journalism, and many more. Additionally, we also establish collaborative partnerships with area businesses.

As the event continues to grow in scale and awareness, we continue to expand our team and outreach. If you’re interested in working with Sacramento Fashion Week, visit our careers section for opportunities.

Main Staff

Producer, Executive Director:
• Duane Ram

Co-Producer, Production Stylist:
• Karri Grant

Co-Producer, Lead Hair Stylist:
• Missy O’Daniel

Lead Makeup Stylist:
• Jasmine Cardenas

Creative Team:
• Rodney Corpuz
• Yennie Zhou

• Matt Weber
• Caitlin Robb

VIP Setup:
• Ryan Brough
• Heather Puleo

• Igor Kondrya
• Mark Gunter
• Tom Huynh

• Pavel Pshichenko

Blog Editor:
• Victoria Kobayashi

Talent Coordinator:
• David Alcarez
• Xenia Schutt
• Kayla Landrum

Intern Coordinator:
• Ashley Harris

Media Relations:
• Kayla Carriker

Social Media Manager:
• Julie Gallaher