Rebecc Cahua

Rebecca Cahua recently graduated from San Francisco State University with a degree in apparel design and merchandising. Cahua was born in Sacramento and raised in San Francisco bay area. She feels a sense of obligation to the community she grew up in and has made it a personal goal to help put the bay area on the map as a fashion capital. “I have always been very determined and set goals for myself and don’t stop pursuing them until I achieve them; so far in my life I have yet to fail on any of my goals.” Her most recent accomplishments include hosting a flash mob fashion show in San Francisco’s Union Square as well as hosting the first Hash Tag Lunch Bag in the Bay Area. She believes that one’s success comes in a greater fashion by helping others. Its important for her to not only succeeds as a designer but to share and help others along her journey.

Cahua’s 2014 collection is full of chic, edgy resort wear and swimwear. Her latest collection incorporates exotic, abstract, contrasting prints with pops of color as well as comfortable body contouring dresses, bathing suits, skirts and wide leg jumpsuits. She also incorporates hard wear, custom handwork and beading. All fabrics used are always of quality and most importantly, each garment is designed with the intent that the wearer themselves feels a sense of empowerment and confidence. Cahua’s designs are meant to inspire and she is very excited to be participating as a second year designer at Sacramento’s fashion week.