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When we say someone is charismatic, what do we mean? Charm, wit, or maybe even style? Well fashionistas and fashionistos we all can’t be perfectly seasoned in sifting through the arts of charm or wit, but great style is hard not to notice. While the volume of style is always variable, some people just stand out. Balance is the keystone to great fashion and have we got an example for you.

The outfit shown is what Gary wore on on hist first day to Journalism class. Not bad for an 8:30am class! What is great about his outfit is his beanie paired with a more formal button-down. This look is difficult to achieve without making it look mismatched. Gary also had a longboard with him, which is a fashion statement all its own. “I am always making sure I stay comfortable, accentuating whatever elements of my outfit I dig the most, feeling good in my shell, and making sure I can alter little things on my outfit so that I’m ready to take on anything my day throws at me.”

When asked how he likes to construct his outfit, Gary enthusiastically stated, “I love growing my outfit from the ground up. In this case I ‘repped’ my comfortable Adidas kicks, which look clean and official, yet can keep up with my active lifestyle as well.” This goes to show that clothes can both reveal and represent lot about who someone.

Gary went on describe his jeans, “my dark jeans go well with my Adidas, and focus attention towards the lighter top, with it’s mesmerizing pattern.” Then, as Gary describes, the beanie is the “cherry on top” of the outfit.

Versatility is key in Gary’s ensemble and he achieved it well by pairing contrasting pieces such as the silver watch and boho bands. The preppy school boy vs. skater look was balanced flawlessly. The button-down shirt and the watch gave Gary an air of professionalism while the board, jeans and beanie made the look casual.

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